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Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2008

The festivity of Christmas is around the corner and the shopping malls and other centers are all filled with beautiful gift baskets. The celebration of Christmas takes place with great pomp and show. It is the tradition of Christmas to exchange gifts among the closed ones. There are gift items like cards, chocolates and wine that will never go out of fashion. But, when it comes to electronic gadgets, more and more hi tech products are getting launched. So, it's always better to look out for the more popular gifts to be presented on Christmas.(Christmas Gift List)

Here are given some popular Christmas gift ideas that will enable you to know about the top 10 Christmas gifts 2008:

Digital Camera

One of the best gifts that you can give to you loved ones this Christmas is a digital camera, preferably one with 10 MP resolution. Whether they are sitting at home, enjoying on a picnic or having a candlelit dinner, the digital camera will help them capture the precious moments and keep them forever. Can there be a better gift than this!

Nintendo Wii

The latest gaming console of Nintendo, known as Wii, is just the gift for your teenage kids who swear by their video games. Apart from the legendary Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, it also offers new classics like Wii Sports and Wii Play. You can also create your own Mii character and even play with your friends, in the Wii games.
(Christmas Gift List)

Apple iPod Touch

After the sensation created by Apple iPod, it is now the time for the product's latest version to make news. Apple iPod Touch is equipped with the same multi-touch user interface that was introduced in the iPhone. Apart from that, it also features Wi-Fi wireless networking, Safari browser, Google Search or Yahoo! oneSearch, YouTube application and iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

Caster Board

Move over skateboards. The year 2008 has brought the caster board into preview. It is basically a two-wheeled, self-propelled vehicle. Unlike a skateboard, while riding it, the feet do not need to leave the board to gain speed. In fact, more than a skateboard, it is a snowboard that riding in caster board reminds one of.
(Christmas Gift List)

Apple iPhone

Released by Apple in July 2008, iPhone is becoming one of the most-wanted Christmas gifts. An internet-connected multimedia smartphone, it features a flush multi-touch screen and minimal hardware interface. Apart from being a camera phone, it serves as a portable music player and a mini laptop. Apple iPhone is perfect for those who love to own the latest gadgets.

Universal Remote

This Christmas, present your parents or grandparents with a universal remote. It can be programmed to operate a number of electronic devices within the house, such as TV, DVD player, music system, air conditioner, and the like. The remote will comprise of a power button, channel and volume up/down selectors, numeric keypad, set button, etc.

Hannah Montana Toys

Hannah Montana is the name of a television series that debuted on Disney Channel in March 2006. The central character of the series leads a double life: as a school girl - Miley Stewart in the day and a famous pop singer - Hannah Montana in the night. The series became a hit amongst teenagers and now, Hannah Montana toys are amongst the most preferred gift items.
(Christmas Gift List)

Lamaze Toys

If your child is still an infant, then Lamaze toys present the perfect choice for Christmas gifts. Based on Lamaze Philosophy of Parenting, these toys help parents contribute towards the development of their child. The selection of Lamaze toys differs according to the stage of a baby's development. Go ahead and buy these toys for your baby, helping him grow properly.

Robot Dog

One of the most popular Christmas toys for 2008 is the robot dog. It is nothing, but a robot that is designed to resemble a dog, in appearance as well as in behavior. Many toy companies have come out with robots, covered with synthetic hair, which have been programmed to act like dogs. They give paw, sneeze, become hungry and even need to pee, just like a live mutt.


If you are ready to spend the moolah, then go ahead and gift an LCD TV to your loved ones. It is the latest gadget as far as TVs are concerned and is sure to be liked by the recipient, especially if he/she loves to watch movies at home. If it's someone very close to you and you can afford to spend more, a home theater system is not too far away either!

Given below is the list of most popular Christmas gifts for 2007:
  • Digital camera
  • Cell phones
  • MP3 players
  • Apple iPods
  • DVDs
  • Jewelry
  • Pet
  • Chocolates and wine
  • Holiday package
  • Robot

69 Great Gifts to Make !!

  1. Artwork Holder Magnet
  2. Birds of a Feather Bookmark
  3. Candy Plant
  4. Card Collector's Frame
  5. CD Coasters
  6. Chip Off the Old Block
  7. Christmas Card Candle Holder
  8. Christmas Spider
  9. Christmas Tote Bag
  10. Clay Pot Crafts
  11. Cookies in a Jar
  12. Craft Kit
  13. Crayon Candles
  14. Daddy's Caddy
  15. Dried Flower Sachet
  16. Family Tree Shirt
  17. Festive Pringles Containers
  18. Footprint T-shirt
  19. Frame Gift
  20. Garden Stepping Stones
  21. Grandma's little Angels Shirt
  22. Grandma's Little Reindeer Shirt
  23. Hand Print Gift Poem
  24. Hand Print Hand Towel
  25. Hand Print Wall Hanging
  26. Heart Frames Craft
  27. Heart Necklace
  28. Heart Pin
  29. Hip Dad Gift
  30. Holiday Glitter Panel
  31. Hot Chocolate in a Jar
  32. Hugs Box Gift
  33. Invent a Book
  34. Jar Candle Holder
  35. Jewelry Holder
  36. Key Holder
  37. Ladybug Jewelry
  38. Ladybug Treasure Holder
  39. Laundry Scoop Magnet
  40. Light Bulb Reindeer
  41. Light Bulb Santa
  42. Light Bulb Snowman
  43. Lip Gloss Recipe
  44. Lucky Penny Pin Craft
  45. Marble Planter
  46. Money Holder
  47. Mother's Survival Kit
  48. Musical Bottle
  49. My Favorite Thing
  50. Oven Flour Clay Recipe
  51. Pajama Bag
  52. Pencil Top Critter
  53. Personal Canvas Bags
  54. Photo Flower
  55. Pine Cone Air Freshener
  56. Pine Cone
  57. Pine Cone Basket
  58. Pine Cone Wreath
  59. Pizza Pin Cushion
  60. Plastic Canvas Coaster
  61. Poliwag Pokemon
  62. Potted Tissue Flowers
  63. Pressed Flower Picture
  64. Reindeer Bell Ornament
  65. Reindeer Candy Holder
  66. Sand Candles
  67. Sand Candle Holder
  68. Santa Mini Wreath
  69. Santa's Key

How to Make a Christmas Gift List

Write down the name of every person you will be buying a gift for. Make a separate page for each person.
Start brainstorming about ideas of a gift you think this person will like. Write down everything you think of at this point.
Remember conversations from the past year. Those conversations might give you leads as to what might please the person on your list.

Take your budget into account during your list making. Decide how many gifts you will get each person on your list.
Start narrowing down your list to the appropriate number of gifts that you have decided on. Decide on the final items for each person.
Research if it is more economical to purchase the items online or at a store location. Take into consideration gas for an onsite purchase or shipping charges for an online purchase.
Purchase the items on your list. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

Christmas Gift List

Ideal for Christmas a Gift List which is free to use and does not charge a fee for your family and friends to use. In fact you can invite them to have one of their own and you will know exactly what gifts they would like as well. You can use your Gift Lists for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Christenings or any other occasion that you need a Gift List for.(Christmas Gift List)

It is easy to set up and use and there are clear instructions on how to invite your family and friends to view it. They can then link straight through to the gifts you choose to avoid mistakes and make it easy for them to make their purchase. You will find lots of special offers, your favourite stores and lots of new and exciting stores you may not yet have found. Discount CD’s DVD’s or maybe discount designer clothes are what you are looking for and you will not be disappointed.(Christmas Gift List)

Once your Gift List is set up you can easily send invites by email to your Family and Friends. You can even choose who seeswhich giftsand they receive a special link for security. (Christmas Gift List)Then you can add or delete Gifts as you wish and everyone can see which Gifts have been purchased and which ones are still available. No more duplicated gifts or visits to the shops to change unwanted items.

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